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John Deere rolls out next generation of combines and precision applications


The big machines may be the most eye-catching, but it was the innovations throughout John Deere’s product lines that will really bring a “wow” factor to your farm.

Today, John Deere is showcasing new and upgraded products — including a new vertical-tillage tool, advanced grain harvesting technology to an upgraded precision display — at its Moline, Illinois, Harvester Works facility. Visitors can even take virtual-reality test drives of some of the machinery.

AGDAILY is going to pull back the curtain of some of the coolest tools being put in the spotlight today, and we’ll add more as the day goes on.

Smarter S700 Combines

Deere is coming out with four new S700 Combine models (S760, S770, S780 and S790) that offer producers significant improvements in “smart” technology, improved operator comfort and better data. Many of the changes make it easier on the operator by allowing the combine to make needed adjustments automatically, on the go.

The company will have what’s called a Combine Advisor package on the S700s, incorporating seven technologies to help operators set, optimize, and automate the combine for the most effective harvesting performance based on their crop and field conditions. These machines will also have Active Yield technology that automatically calibrates the mass flow sensor.

Visually, what should really grab people’s attention is the state-of-the-art cab CommandCenter, which includes a Gen 4 interface and monitor with 4600 processer; CommandArm and multi-function control lever with greater ergonomic design and customizable buttons; premium activation with AutoTrac, RowSense and HarvestDoc; and Extended Monitor and mobile device features.

Oh, and did we mention the new cabs feature either cushier leather or cloth seats that swivel 7.5 degrees left and 15 degrees right for improved visibility? That’s worth getting out there.

Improved front-end equipment

Also on tap is the new 700C/FC (folding corn head) Series Corn Heads with the RowMax row unit. The RowMax row unit provides up to a 50 percent increase in the life of the row unit gathering chains and features solid-alloy bushings that reduce pin and bushing wear.

The 700C/FC Series Corn Heads are available in 6- to 18- row models, in 20-, 22- and 30-inch row widths. Folding corn heads are available on 8- and 12-row units. Deere is also offering options for farmers who harvest high-moisture corn.

The 4640 Universal Display (Image courtesy of John Deere)

4640 Universal Display for tractors

As part of the latest John Deere Generation 4 Operating System, the 4640 Universal Display offers better data collection, increased application functionality, and greater choice for monitoring and managing many tractor-driven field operations.

The new display enables customers to use the most common and popular John Deere applications, including AutoTrac, documentation, and Section Control, in a portable display that has the latest internal components, design and user interface.

The time it takes operators to set up and start up the display has been reduced, and display navigation has been improved. The display is also designed to import new customer and product information without the risk of overwriting existing client/farm/field and guidance line information.

It is compatible with John Deere 30-Series to the latest 6R, 7R, 8R and 9R Series Tractors, as well as AutoTrac Universal and AutoTrac Controller compatible competitive tractors. Software update 17-2 is required for functionality.

Frontier 3-point mounted sprayers

The Frontier LS11 Series 3-point Mounted Sprayers are economical, efficient sprayers ideal for making spray applications to pastures, small or large fields, road ditches, fence rows, specialty crops, and for other types of crops and field uses.

The sprayers come in four different boom-width models, from 25 feet to 40 feet, and are available in two tank sizes, 250-gallon or 300-gallon. They have many features of the larger pull-type sprayers, including breakaway booms, manual and automatic controls and optional foam marker systems.

VT17 Series Vertical Tillage Tool (Image courtesy of John Deere)

Vertical tillage tool to Frontier lineup

The Frontier VT17 Series Vertical Tillage Tool gives producers a new tool that sizes and buries residue in the fall or prepares smooth seedbeds in the spring.

The VT17 Series offers fore and aft leveling adjustments that can quickly be made using a simple crank system. Gang angles on the implement can be adjusted from zero to 12 degrees for less or more aggressive tillage. Operators can fine-tune the machine’s operating depth from zero to three inches using a pin-and-clip adjustment.

The VT17 comes with the choice of 20-inch straight or 22-inch concave blades.






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