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NFMS Snapshot: Kinze infuses True Speed tech into its new 3505 planter


Some growers with eight-row planters want quite simple functionalities; other eight-row folks relish in the high tech. Kinze Manufacturing is meeting that high-tech market head-on with the launch of its 3505 True Speed high-speed planter for the 2023 season.

This planter, which ushers in Kinze’s advanced True Speed system to this configuration, was shown off at the 2022 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville.

This planter is for “the guys who may have narrower rows and smaller fields, but have more of them, and who still want the technology,” Justin Render, Kinze product specialist-marketing, told AGDAILY at the show.

Image courtesy of Kinze

In recent years, Kinze’s game-changing 05 Series has delivered dependability of the electric meter and seed tube all the way to the trench — from 3 to 12 mph. So, whether you’re taking it slow or you’re hitting the higher speeds and experiencing bounce and other less-than-ideal conditions, True Speed technology won’t vary seed spacing or sacrifice other levels of performance. And operators are able to double the amount of acres they can cover in a typical day without compromising singulation accuracy or spacing.

Render said that the new 3505 carries with it these top-tier 05 features and quality, including row-unit durability and vacuum fans that are more efficient. Bulk-fill seed-carrying capacity of 50 bushels, along with liquid and dry fertilizer options, enables farmers to get in and out of the field quickly with the 3505.

Image by Ryan Tipps

Performance is further optimized with Kinze’s Blue Vantage display with shared coverage data and up to four planter-mounted cameras. Software updates include improvements to True Point, the addition of a productivity acres metric (essentially a speedometer), and the adoption of more diagnostic features to help growers tackle any in-field problems they may encounter (like PTO pump issues). 

The 3505 also features Kinze’s Blue Drive electric drive and True Depth hydraulic down force for accurate seed placement to maximize performance and productivity.

Other standout features include:

  • Exceptional seed handling capabilities with upgraded bulk fill entrainer. Farmers can use the 3505 for planting of corn, soybeans, sweet corn, cotton, sunflowers, milo/sorghum, edible beans, sugar beets and wheat.
  • Narrow transport and easy serviceability achieved with double frame, lift and pivot folding frame design.
  • Improved durability, longer wear life, and lower cost of ownership from Kinze’s 05 Series row unit upgrades.

Render noted too that while so much has been added to this planter, being able to see through the bar and having clean-looking delivery lines and other aspects make it especially easy to manage.

Image by Ryan Tipps
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