Kubota’s M6S-111 comes from long lineage of quality tractors


In this current economic climate, many farmers are looking for a good standard economy tractor and that’s where Kubota’s M6S-111 hopes to fit the bill.

“In this day and age with the depressed farm economy, a lot of customers are looking for more value in tractors and this is a very value conscious tractor,” said Kent Brown, Senior Product Manager, Kubota.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Brown at the 2017 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois where he gave us a firsthand look at the M6S-111, launched last October.

A replacement for a prior tractor, the M108S, the M6S-111 has been upgraded for emission standards. Now a Tier IV final engine with a diesel particulate filter and SCR, the tractor is designed to be more environmentally friendly.

Kubota engineers also worked on adding features to improve customer productivity, such as two standard rear remotes valves. The M6S offers one self-cancelling detent valve and one floating detent valve. With 17.2 GPM flow and an optional third remote valve, this tractor is ready to accept implements requiring multiple valves.

“A lot of people don’t think that’s a big deal, but when you start talking about adding more dollars at the dealership when buying a tractor, that doesn’t have to happen now,” Brown said. “The dealer doesn’t have to install the products. They don’t have to inventory them. And two remotes are what most people were wanting.”

Brown said another comfort feature for the operator is the clutch has been changed to a hydraulic clutch with an electro hydraulic forward/reverse shuttle to make shifting back and forth easier.

Another bonus, the M6S-111 has a declutch button on the main shifter allowing clutch less shifting for better productivity. Available on all CAB models, the feature allows you to shift a gear without using the clutch pedal. While pressing the de-clutch button, the clutch is disengaged. When the de-clutch button is released, the clutch is engaged.

“People don’t think that pressing the clutch is too big of a deal, but if you are out in the hay field all day long or running a loader all day long, you know just a little fatigued, just moving your foot back and forth all the time makes a big difference,” Brown said.

The M6S-111 also has a new front loader design, the LA1944 loader, with a lift capacity of about 3,800 pounds.

“It’s going to be a good tractor for just feeding or if baling hay and want to move hay, it’s going to be excellent for that as well,” Brown said.

Brown said a lot of times people see a brand-new tractor and aren’t sure, but it’s important to remember this tractor has a long lineage and has carried over a lot of the quality Kubota engineering they have had in their lineup for years.

“One thing we get feedback from customers and dealers is Kubota tractors go out and they work,” Brown said. “A lot of dealers don’t see them come back in the shop for repairs here or there. They sell the tractor and in most cases they are gone.”

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