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Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN debuts digital platform to support farmer-led stewardship


Truterra Insights Engine will help farmers, food companies to quantify sustainability progress and ROI in real time


A new interactive digital platform from Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN, called Truterra Insights Engine, has been released with the hope of giving farmers and food companies the ability to establish and report clear metrics, create customized stewardship strategies that meet farmers where they are in their sustainability journey, and use a common language for on-farm stewardship that holds meaning and value. The platform will be available this year as the core tool under the new Truterra brand.

One of the biggest challenges in understanding and enhancing the sustainability of our food system remains a lack of comprehensive tools that can quantify economic and environmental benefits for farmers to identify farm management options. The Truterra Insights Engine, along with other technology services and tools under the new Truterra suite of offerings, will help to fill this need by providing tangible conservation options and benefits customized to every business.

For farmers and agricultural retailers, the Truterra Insights Engine will utilize soil, weather, economic, and farm management data to create customized reports showcasing the potential impacts of various stewardship practices – providing field-by-field insights, tracking against both economic performance and conservation practices. The platform also leverages agronomic expertise and technical capabilities from a variety of contributors — including the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Field to Market’s Fieldprint Platform — to enhance the value of stewardship across the supply chain.

All of this combined will help provide a return-on-investment in real time, acre-by-acre.

For more information on the Truterra Insights Engine and the Truterra brand from Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN, and to see a demonstration of the Insights Engine, visit

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