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Mahindra launches largest tractor, UTV line in U.S. history


Mahindra has been truly blessed. With a 98 percent customer referral rating and a five-time revenue growth since 2011, Mahindra is so blessed they have been able to launch their largest line of fully refreshed and extended products in their 23-year history in North America.

And it’s quite simply something their customers asked for.

“We would not have been able to grow our revenue five times since 2011 — if in fact our products were not accepted by the marketplace at that particular rate,” said Cleo Franklin, CMO and VP-Strategic Planning, Mahindra NA. “It’s a testament to being able to meet the market demand, but also have the market tell you ‘we like what you are doing, we like what you are offering, and in fact, we would like for you to enter into these segments as well’ and we have been rewarded. What the customers have rewarded us with is, of course, their purchases.”

Part of Mahindra Group’s Automotive and Farm Sector, Mahindra North America has released over 50 new models and refreshed and extended their entire tractor lineup as well as their utility vehicle lineup. Specifically, for tractors the company has introduced more than 40 tractors with horsepower extension from 20 to 125. These models are now being built in production and will ship to dealers between November and spring 2018.

What were the big headliners in the launch? For tractors, hands down, it would be the eMax Series and the new 110 and 125 horsepower models in the 9000 series.

“Our eMax 20 horsepower subcompact model is innovative and well-equipped. It comes standard with power steering, multiple attachments, and a best-in-class seven-year limited powertrain warranty. This is the only sub compact tractor with an integrated cab,” Franklin said.

Courtesy of Mahindra

In Mahindra’s new 9000 series, both 110 and 125 horsepower models also offer best-in-class standard features, lift capacity, a motor lift, a three-point hitch lift, and exclusive mCRD. With their exclusive mCRD tier 4 emission technology, no DPFS (diesel particulate filter) is needed. As Franklin points out, with mCRD, which is available across Mahindra’s line-up, customers get maximum up time to get more work done with lower costs of ownership because there is no DPFS to service, maintenance, or replace.

Mahindra’s new utility vehicle refresh includes a complete restyle and increased horsepower performance, but retains Mahindra’s best-in-class work features capability, with the highest towing, loading, and hauling capability in the utility vehicle category. The newest UTV model, the Mahindra Retriever, runs on 83 horsepower and up to a speed of 60 mph.

“What is unique is that not only have we provided greater performance and more capability and speed, our utility vehicles also come standard with a three-year limited power train warranty and many options that customers value, and are included within in the price,” Franklin said.

Franklin said what is standard for Mahindra is often optionals for the competition, such as front and rear receiver hitch, aluminum wheels, electrical automatic lift dump capabilities, seating for three to six adults, and a three-year warranty which is best in class. Introduced in April 2015, Mahindra’s UTV business doubled in 2016 and Franklin said the company is on pace to double the business again in 2017.

“At Mahindra we provide innovative and dependable work-ready products that meet the needs of property owners, rural lifestylers, and farmers. Our utility vehicles deliver value at a great price-point. Our ability to extend into the utility vehicle segment is validated by our customer loyalty rating and accelerated growth rate over the past six years,” Franklin said. “We understand this customer is looking for products they can count on to help them get their work done.”

With commodity prices being stressed and higher input costs, Franklin said farmers of course want to minimize and manage their risks, but also maximize their yields.

“In an economy where there is a measure of caution due to lower commodity prices, investments are still necessary to run farming operations; products are being purchased based on cost of ownership, return on investment, and value. Here is where the Mahindra brand is well positioned and viewed as a smart choice, high value, and low risk option,” Franklin said.

For many farmers, the sure bet is increasingly on Mahindra.

“It first begins with a good product. A good product sells itself but to maintain and be able to grow and extend, it requires a solid capable dealer network,” Franklin said. “We are the only brand that has grown so fast and so quickly and it is because of these elements.”

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