Review: Milwaukee Tool deftly cuts into EDC knife market


We use a variety of tools each day on the farm, from something big and drivable down to the gadgets we can carry in our hand. Yet there is one item that everyone in the ag industry has on them at all times: a reliable everyday-carry knife. Whether cutting baling twine, digging in the ground to check seed depth and spacing, or popping a pesky tick off our skin, an EDC knife is essential.

There are many of us who have used the same knife for years — dulling, chipping, and wearing away the blade through hard and heavy use. If you’re in the market to update your blade, Milwaukee Tool is giving you a good reason to look in its direction.

A hallmark of Milwaukee Tool’s products is their durability — bump, bash, drop, or douse them, they have a tendency to laugh in the face of abuse. The newly released Hardline series of knives carries that quality with them. Built with D2 Tool Steel, incorporating a steel frame lock, and pivoting on a smooth-acting bearing system, Milwaukee Tool nailed the most sought-after traits for farmers.

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There are four knives in Hardline series: three drop-point smooth blades between 2.5 and 3.5 inches and one 3-inch partially serrated tanto blade (they’ll run you anywhere from $59.99 to $79.99). The selection of D2 steel is a premium one — this is a tough steel with excellent wear resistance (be warned, though, D2 blades can be difficult to resharpen). While this material can be susceptible to staining and corrosion, Milwaukee Tool was a step ahead, adding a stone-washed black oxide finish that provides rust protection.


The blades have a slim profile and feel comfortable in hand. I’ve been beating mine up for several weeks, and it’s answered every call. Each Hardline utilizes a flipper function that’s easy to open with just one hand and is an ideal alternative to a thumb stud, which experience has shown can be hazardous for the uninitiated. The maker covered the biggest needs for users, and yet it added the cherry on top with a reversible tip-up belt clip to increase versatility.

If you’re quiet, you can almost hear these blades shouting, “Bring it on!”


You can find Milwaukee Tool’s products at All images courtesy of Milwaukee Tool.


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