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Milwaukee Tool knife line adds lockback model


So why would someone give up the dexterity of a frame lock or liner lock knife that can be flipped open with ease in exchange for a lockback blade that often requires a little more work to release? Simple enough answer: strength.

So it’s really no surprise that Milwaukee Tool has added a lockback knife to its durable Fastback series. There are many people who prefer this kind of knife.

With a lockback design, the spine of the knife locks into the blade for a secure hold. Users apply pressure to the button to disengage the lock and release the blade. Milwaukee Tool’s new knife has a 3-inch stainless steel blade and a reversible wire-form clip for pocket storage.

To give you an idea of strength differences, the folks at Blade HQ selected three variations each of frame lock, liner lock, and lockback knifes and put them to the weight test. The results: Liner locks averaged 243 pounds as a breaking point, frame locks were at 277 pounds, and lockbacks clocked in at a whopping 370 pounds. Here’s the whole testing video:

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