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How Mystik JT-5 enhances the performance and reliability of your tractor systems


Proper fluids and lubrication are your tractor’s risk insurance, and that could be said about most heavy equipment used in agriculture today. As the Wisconsin dairy farmer pulls his tractor out of the barn at 4:30 a.m. of an icy February morning, the last thing he needs is for the hydraulic to go out as he grabs a round bale of hay with the forks. Chances are, he wouldn’t be thinking at that moment: Darn, I should’ve practiced better maintenance techniques.

But that’s probably the truth.

Similarly, as Southern temperatures climb into triple figures each summer, no farmer is eager for the transmission to break down while her tractor is in the field spraying beans.

Farming is hard work on people and machines alike, and you might as well consider the quality of fluids used on your tractor to be comparable to the quality of feed you give your livestock. As every 4-H’er knows, low-quality feed does not a champion steer make. And the same holds true with machinery.

Mystik Lubricants — which notably includes the Mystik JT-5 Synthetic Blend TFX Trans-Hydraulic Tractor Fluid — offers a full line of top-quality products that not only reduce risk of damage, but in fact add years of life to your machine.

Get into gear

Your tractor isn’t going anywhere if the transmission goes out, and that can put a dent into any producer’s budget. Mystik JT-5 is a top choice for regular maintenance, which always saves dollars in the long-run. Lower-quality tractor fluids tend to reduce power transfer efficiency to the wheels and wind up shortening the life of the transmission. Meanwhile the additives in Mystik JT-5 produce its high-performance friction control technology, especially designed for high loads and tough operating conditions, such as muddy fields.

The same problem can apply to brakes, where lower-quality fluids notoriously produce brake chatter, slippage, brake failure, and poor steering control. The Mystik JT-5 is produced with a brake friction enhancement additive engineered to deliver solid braking power without slippage and positive steering throughout, all the while handling heavy loads, be they wagons full of grain or trailers.

Mystik JT-5 also helps protect a tractor’s hydraulic system by preventing the herky-jerky component action, which results from the hydraulic valve sticking amid deposit buildup and viscosity breakdown under higher temperatures. The high viscosity index improver and thermal stability in this fluid provides a -4 Fahrenheit to 120 Fahrenheit temperature range that can deliver quick hydraulic start up response even under the most extreme conditions.

Axles and a tractor’s differential can also be at risk when using lower quality fluids as they lack protection against gear wear pitting and corrosion. The Mystik JT-5 comes with a unique pressure activated wear protection technology specifically designed to minimize this under high loads, making it the top choice for any farm or agricultural producer using heavy equipment.

Ag and heavy equipment

Since 1922, Mystik Lubricants has been developing product lines for automotive, agricultural, heavy-duty, commercial as well as powersports vehicles, and offers a range of products to address a variety of needs.

Mystik Lubricants sports products geared specifically for agriculture, ranging from the Mystik JT-8 Synthetic Blend Super Heavy Duty Engine Oil SAE 10W to Mystik JT-6 Synthetic Hi-Temp Grease #2 ISO 100.

In addition to the motor oil itself, do remember that farm equipment needs grease, too. Whether disking, plowing, or pulling trailers, your equipment will be thoroughly dusted and dirt-covered before the season is really even under way. Make sure all ball joints, bearings, steering cylinder ball joints, steering components and hitch pivot points are adequately greased. Keep in mind, not all grease is created equal. Check to make sure the greases you’re using are compatible with each other in terms of thickness. Different additives to help with thickness might include aluminum complex and hydrated calcium, neither of which work well together. Meanwhile anhydrous calcium and aluminum complex do complement each other. The additive lithium complex does not work well aluminum complex but does with calcium sulfonate complex. This can factor into the kinds of filters one needs to use.

Other outdoor power equipment products offered by Mystik Lubricants include the Mystik JT-4 2-Cycle Lawn and Garden Engine Oil and the Mystik Bar and Chain Lubricant.

Check out suppliers

Producers and outdoors enthusiasts alike can peruse the offerings of Mystik Lubricants as well as dealer locations and online opportunities. Instructional videos and how-to series are also available on YouTube, where viewers can learn application processes as well as more about the brand itself.


This article was published on behalf of Mystik Lubricants. Brian Boyce is an award-winning writer living on a farm in west-central Indiana.

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