New Holland CR Revelation: Put away the wrench


Sometimes stopping the combine to adjust the knife angle on the corn heads is just 25 minutes too long for a grower during harvest season. New Holland recognizes that.

And thus, one of the reasons the company decided to make things easier with a push of a button on their new CR Revelation Series.

“It has a lot of technology capabilities that allows operators to stay in the cab longer and get more done with the machine,” said J Cole Sanford, a New Holland Field Product Specialist, based out of Columbus, Ohio.

We had the opportunity to chat with Sanford at this year’s Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois on how the new CR Revelation is taking harvesting performance to a whole new level. The CR combine improves average total capacity by up to 10 percent, and lowers the power needed to separate the grain by up to 75 horsepower. In addition, New Holland has redesigned the residue management systems to increase customer profitability by increasing future yields, soil quality, and reducing the numbers of trips over the field.

Sanford gave the example of getting out of the cab to adjust the front of the feeder house to make the knife angle or the header angle on corn heads work properly for the conditions — a task that may take a bit of time as the machine has to be shut down. Now as an option on the CR Revelation Series, a push button in the cab can make that adjustment on the fly.

“That basically keeps you in the cab longer, allows you to get more work done with the machine, and allows a lot of the young producers to get more done with the combine they have,” Sanford said.

Courtesy of New Holland

Sanford said many times when New Holland develops new products, they test them with farmers to get firsthand feedback and the push button was one that was highly requested.

Sometimes it’s a little technical change that New Holland’s product development team determines is necessary, such as the new cab-controlled remote adjustable rotor vanes included in the CR Revelation Series.

Dynamic Flow Control, available as an option on the three 22” models at the top of the range, delivers higher productivity and capacity while reducing power consumption by up to 20 percent. The in-cab concave reset contributes to increasing the combine’s productivity, dramatically reducing downtime in case of a concave breakaway. This feature makes resetting the concave very easy and fast: the operator just empties rotors, stops the combine, rearms the concaves automatically and resumes harvest, saving the 20-30 minutes that doing the operation manually would require. The CR10.90 is also available with optional TwinPitch Plus rotors with 3” raspbars, which deliver considerable power efficiency gains of 38 hp versus conventional rotors.

As Sanford points out, an adjustment that previously had to be handled with a wrench can now just be changed with the push of a button and saved on the touchscreen display, allowing the grower to store that position for the crop type or for the crop condition.

“As you are sitting in the display watching the losses over the sieves and the rotors and the return volume when you make those adjustments you can actually see them live on the display how the combine is losing or saving grain,” Sanford said. “It’s really something you can see and touch and operate right away with.”

The 2018 CR Revelation combine is available now to order for spring delivery.

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