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NFMS Snapshot: Danuser’s new barbed wire winder


If you’ve never fought with barbed wire fencing before or used bandages (or duct tape) to close up a wound from a barb, have you ever really farmed?

We’ve all been there, which is why Danuser‘s new Python Wire Winder and Python Wire Unroller are so interesting. Shown off at the 2019 National Farm Machinery Show, can take a lot of stress off of replacing your fencing.

Python wire roller
Image courtesy of Danuser

Python Wire Winder

The new Danuser Python Wire Winder attachment leverages an auger system allowing users to easily roll old fence wire removed from fence rows for ease of handling and transportation. It is now available.

Key features include:

  • Can roll up to ¾ mile of barbed wire and six miles of smooth wire
  • 2-inch Hex connection
  • Tie-wire locations
  • Tool-less locking pin
  • Easy start wire hooking locations

Python wire unroller
Image courtesy of Danuser

Python Wire Unroller

The new Python Wire Unroller easily unrolls new and Python rolled spools of barbed and smooth wire for faster fencing. This product will be available to the public in March of this year.

Key features include:

  • Connects to a 20-inch receiver hitch
  • Optimal clearance for open tailgates providing easy access to cargo area
  • Features convenient rebar and t-post straightener for fencing repair
  • Built-in wire tensioner cleats for stretching and holding wire for desired tightness
  • Unrolls barbed or smooth wire — single or multiple strands at a time
  • Controlled spinning to prevent backlash
  • Angled frame design gives the Python Unroller an additional 9½ inches of ground clearance for work in uneven terrain
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