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NFMS Snapshot 2022: KIOTI showcases NS Series tractors


The NS Series of tractors have been among the most enticing new products put forth by KIOTI at the 2022 National Farm Machinery Show. The series — which includes five models with engines ranging from 45 to 58 hp — fills a gap in KIOTI’s tractor offerings that trades some electric controls for mechanical ones.

That translates to a tractor that presents good power at a lower price point.

“We saw an opportunity between our smaller DKSE Series and our NX, which are more luxury, high-end machines,” Greg Bibee, director of strategic sales and marketing for KIOTI. “People were looking for the capabilities of the NX but without all of the frills.”

For those who are familiar with KIOTI’s machines, from the operator’s platform forward, the NS Series is going to be very similar to the NX Series. But from the operator’s platform backward, it’s going to correlate more to the previous generation DKSE Series. 

There are a lot of people who want simplicity in a tractor and want a direct feel in the controls, so the new NS Series is going to hit that sweet spot.

“The differences between this and the NX are that this is going to have a little more compact operator’s station. And a lot of the controls are more mechanical linkages instead of electronic,” Bibee said.

There are other changes, too. For example, the joystick for the loader or other third functions is integrated into the operator’s station — a “cleaner” approach that looks more intentional in its design — whereas on the DKSE, the the attachment was part of the loader. 

Image by Ryan Tipps

The ROPS version of the NS Series began shipping in the fall, but a version with an enclosed cab is expected to become available in the middle of 2022.

The cab includes front and rear work lights, windshield wipers, Bluetooth options, and standout ergonomics.

“Our cabs are known for being very spacious and open,” Bibee said.

The NS Series measures in at 136.4 inches long and 67.1 inches wide. The smaller NS4710 ad NS 4710H both have an engines at 44.9 hp and 36.6 hp PTO, while the NS5310H comes in at 50.3 hp engine and 41.8 hp PTO. The two largest sizes, NS610 and NS610H, both have 57.7 hp engines and 48.3 and 47.9 hp PTO, respectively.

A deeper exploration of the NS Series specifications can be found here

The K9 2400 Cab Series debuts

The K9 utility vehicle series by KIOTI is now available with a factory cab, and models will begin shipping in the coming months. Of course, that means heat and air conditioning are available, as well as durable doors, an audio system, tilt windshield, and other features. The Cab includes Bluetooth functionality.

Image courtesy of KIOTI

The K9 2400 Cab also has an updated transmission with engine-braking capabilities, which is different than a standard K9 model.

It carries a 24.5 hp engine, with a towing capacity of 1,300 pounds and cargo capacity of 1,750.5 pounds. The standard and Cab K9’s length is 119.7 inches, width is 65.6, and height is 78.4. It has 12 inches of ground clearance. The standard is also available with two-row seating, though the Cab version is not.

The Cab UTV has measures in place to reduce vibration and noise.

More specifications — such as four-wheel independent suspension, differential lock, and high and low range options — are available here for the K9 2400 Cab Series.

Image courtesy of KIOTI
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