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Norden Mfg unveils new WR Series Wheel Rake


Norden Mfg, an Ohio-based manufacturer providing square-bale handling products for hay growers, have come out with a new wheel rake known as the WR Series Wheel Rake

The new wheel rake is designed to gather hay or straw into a windrow for baling or chopping. The design of this rake allows for easy, tool-free adjustment of width, angles and weight to the ground. The ability to easily adjust the pressure of rake wheels to the ground allows the hay producer to consistently gather all the hay into windrows while bringing less dirt, debris and stones in as well. The rake is available in models with eight, 10, or 12 wheels and with an optional kicker wheel to turn the center of the windrow.

For those who may be unfamiliar unfamiliar with the name Norden, in January of this year, the company announced a name change from Kuhns Mfg. to Norden Mfg. The name change and rebranding effort was seen as a way for the company to best expand its product lines and create a unique identity in the industry.

Owner, Kenny Kuhns said, “We are excited to bring this wheel rake to the market. It has been a five-year process. We are thankful to the many industry people, customers and engineers that contributed to the design, development and testing of what will become known as a fine product.”

Of the Wheel Rake’s three sizes — WR8, WR10, and WR12 — the WR8 has a minimum pickup width of 179.4 inches and a maximum pick up width of 215.6 inches; the WR10 has a minimum pickup width of 203.2 inches and a maximum pickup width of 254.6 inches; and the the WR12’s minimum pickup width is 227 inches and a maximum pickup width of 293.5 inches.

All three pieces of equipment have a windrow width of 40 to 88 inches.

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