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It’s easy, when brainstorming how to approach a project, to focus on getting the best power drill or the best circular saw or the best chainsaw. But you can’t over look a key piece of that puzzle, such as the drill bit, the saw blade, or the chain. You know, the part that’s actually making contact with the surface. So, we dumped out our tool bags and dug through a bunch of reviews to see what were the best drill bit sets for your average task on the farm or job site or just around the house.

The focus here is on titanium and oxide drill bits, as cobalts are more job-specific and don’t have the versatility that the others have. Here are our picks for three of the best drill bits that will give you a lot of bang for your buck:



DEWALT Pilot Point Gold Ferrous Oxide Drill Bit Set

$59.99 — DEWALT Pilot Point Gold Ferrous Oxide 29-Piece Drill Bit Set

A solid general-purpose set, this yellow box is one that many people immediately reach for — making it among the most popular out there. This DEWALT drill set features Pilot Point tips that start on contact for clean, accurate holes, plus no-spin shanks. Tapered web provides greater durability. For wood, metal or plastic. Each set includes durable metal case to protect, store and identify bits.

Set includes: bits from 1/16 to 1/2 by 64ths.



Milwaukee Titanium Coated Drill Bit Set

$37.99 — Milwaukee Titanium Coated Drill 20-Piece Bit Set

The Milwaukee 20-Pc. Titanium Coated Drill Bit Set offers convenience and heavy-duty performance on the jobsite. Milwaukee Titanium coated drill bits are designed for extreme durability and up to 3 times longer life. The tapered web resists side-load breakage, while the the 3-Flat Secure-Grip shank holds the bit firmly in the drill chuck. The titanium coating reduces heat build-up and keeps the bit sharp to extend performance. The 135-degree split point tip delivers a precision start and prevents walking for fast, accurate holes. Effective for drilling on curved surfaces, Milwaukee titanium coated bits require less effort to drill through wood, metal, and PVC, and are highly recommended for use with portable drills.

Set includes: (2) 1/16in., (2) 5/64in., (2) 3/32in., (2) 7/64in., (2) 1/8in., 9/64in., 5/32in., 11/64in., 3/16in., 13/64in., 7/32in., 1/4in., 5/16in., 3/8in., and 1/2in. sizes, plus carrying case



Klutch Titanium-Coated Drill Bit Set

$139.99 — Klutch Titanium-Coated 145-Piece Drill Bit Set

Sometimes, 20 or 45 pieces just doesn’t cut it. If you want to have a really wide range of sizes, this Klutch kit is top notch. And while it’s more expensive, you get a lot of quality along with it. The Klutch titanium-coated drill bits run cooler for durability. M2 steel titanium-coated high speed bits last up to 6 times longer than standard bits. All of the 145 bits fit in an indexed storage box.

Set includes: 

  • 29 titanium-coated high speed steel fractional drill bits: 1/16in., 5/64in., 3/32in., 7/64in., 1/8in., 9/64in., 5/32in., 11/64in., 3/16in., 13/64in., 7/32in., 15/64in., 1/4in., 17/64in., 9/32in., 19/64in., 5/16in., 21/64in., 11/32in., 23/64in., 3/8in., 25/64in., 13/32in., 27/64in., 7/16in., 29/64in., 15/32in., 31/64in., 1/2in.
  • Titanium-coated high speed steel number drill bits from #1 to #60
  • 26 titanium-coated high speed steel letter drill bits, from A- Z
  • 30 replacement bits in popular sizes


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