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Redesigned FarmCommand advances Farmers Edge’s flagship platform


Sporting a redesigned user experience, advanced reporting capabilities, and accurate predictive intelligence, Farmers Edge has raised the bar on its standout digital platform, FarmCommand. With significantly faster performance and seamless vertical integration, the platform provides a unified, 360-degree stakeholder view to enhance how growers, agricultural professionals, and agri-businesses interact with data. By connecting all people and assets that support the farm across the entire digital agricultural ecosystem, the platform offers a centralized way to manage all aspects of an operation with a cohesive, easy-to-use interface.

It’s also simpler to use and easier to manage critical farm information.

FarmCommand currently processes more than 80 billion unique data points and powers over 1.4 billion imagery layers. Combining robust data sets, unique digital infrastructure, and machine learning, FarmCommand provides intelligent tools for every stage of the season, from seed selection to yield data analytics on the field and in the office. The 2020 release further streamlines daily activities and delivers increased insights for making smarter decisions to maximize yields and profitability.

The product is being showcased at Commodity Classic. If you’re unable to see it demoed there, here are the key highlights:

Broader Connectivity for a Seamless User Experience: Collectively, all improvements made to FarmCommand contribute to helping growers form secure connections with their trusted advisors. We have enhanced the levels of connectivity to simplify record-keeping, improve risk management, and establish transparent opportunities for each farmer to increase profitability.

Irrigation: In partnership with Lindsay Corporation, Farmers Edge has integrated the Lindsay irrigation technology with the new platform, to offer Smart Water. This solution combines field-centric data with powerful analytics to support better real-time decision-making and achieve lower in-season operating costs through more efficient use of time, labor, water, and energy. Growers can now view FieldNET data directly in FarmCommand for their irrigation needs, unifying the platforms to create a seamless user experience.

Enhanced In-Cab Experience: Designed with retailers, mixed-fleet farms, and large operations in mind, the In-Cab Tool brings the best real-time command center experience to the market. The In-Cab Tool now displays all machines connected to a job, field, or the entire operation. Operators can view equipment values from their entire mixed fleet, as well as their semis, center pivots, weather stations and soil probes. No additional iPads are necessary, all FarmCommand data sets are now available within the CanPlug ISOBUS Universal Terminal. From within the app, and the Universal Terminal, equipment operators are alerted to field-centric weather conditions, soil conditions, job status alerting and push notifications so that the right work, is performed on the right field, at the right time.

High-Performance One-Tap Imagery: Building on advanced global imagery and our industry-leading crop health change alert technology, FarmCommand now features one-tap imagery. Push notifications alert users of changes in the field and with a single click they are taken directly to a map outlining the damaged or affected areas. Users can also access detailed filters to quickly search and review specific imagery, without toggling between layers, making scouting 50 percent more efficient.

Advanced Reporting: FarmCommand reporting is supercharged with desktop enhancements that make it possible to drill into even more aspects of farm operations and statistics. Users can create reports for crop planning, weather, equipment, crop stages, scouting, logistics, irrigation, yield, profit, and easily share them with the trusted partners they choose.

Extensive Fleet Management Capabilities: Users can set up customized notifications, including speed and idling for fleet vehicles. Powered by CanPlugX, an on-board diagnostics and telematics device, this seamless integration provides users with complete visibility of their fleet along with real-time insights to reduce costs, improve logistics, and ensure safe working standards.

Yield Prediction: FarmCommand combines machine learning with field-centric moisture data to provide important yield forecasting models, helping farmers make better marketing, grain handling, and logistics decisions. By leveraging the thousands of Farmers Edge weather stations and soil probes, as well as each farm’s weather stations and probes, the predictive yield models are the most accurate and frequently updated in the market.

Automatic Flood and Hail Detection: Growers shouldn’t have to wonder if they have a covered claim – they should have access to indemnities as fast as possible. Connecting growers with their insurance providers for simplified claims processing, FarmCommand automatically identifies changes in the field caused by extreme weather conditions, eliminating the need for growers to assess damage after a storm. The platform sends an automatic notification to alert users of flood or hail accompanied by an easy-to-read Crop Health Change Map layer that identifies the location and impact of the damage. Simply logging into FarmCommand gives the user a complete picture of the farm’s status and alerts.

Simplified Harvest Management: From seed, to the field, to the bin, FarmCommand provides all the tools needed to manage harvest in one place. The CanScale, a grain cart weighing device, connects to load cells on grain carts, and also connects directly to scale heads as well, for the most accurate and integrated yield data possible. CanScale is an ISOBUS compliant device, fully integrated across the CanPlug and wirelessly connects to the In-Cab application, so that all grain cart data can be layered and reported against combine yield data, as-applied data, and management zones. CanScale makes life easy for all production reporting requirements with the grower’s insurance company and agent, making true ROI calculations accurate and integrated.

Also being showcased at Commodity Classic is SmartCab, a new equipment management solution. This scalable offering is powered by CanPlug, a universal telematics device that integrates real-time equipment values and reporting into FarmCommand. 

Smart Cab includes professional installation and full-service, ongoing support, in response to demands from growers and other farm stakeholders looking for a fleet management solution that fits their unique needs.

“With Smart Cab, we are showcasing one of our original products, and pairing it with an optimal user experience that any operation with multiple workers or machines can benefit from,” said Wade Barnes, CEO and co-founder of Farmers Edge. “The solution provides complete transparency of every machine, operator, and field activity from inside and outside of the cab, simplifying fleet management and improving the reliability of farm records.”

Smart Cab is available now on a unit-based pricing scale with a limited-time introductory offer.

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