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Review: Running or working at night? These shoe lights are a must have


I will never forget the time I walked into the shed before the sun was up and couldn’t see a thing. Before I even had a chance to turn on the light switch it was too late.

Knee, meet trailer hitch.

If you’ve ever banged your knee or shin on one of these, you know the meaning of true pain. I fell to the ground, cried and cried … almost thought I’d have to go to the emergency room after limping around all day. I ended up being OK, but it was a lesson learned. Be more careful! Don’t walk around on a farm in the dark.

Farming is one of the worlds most dangerous jobs. We work long hours to get the job done, and oftentimes it is in the dark. Whether it’s long days of harvest, checking livestock or grain dryers, fixing equipment, etc., there is always something that needs to be done.

Enter NightRunner 270. Shoe lights! These are lights that clip onto your shoes or boots and give you 270 degrees of vision in the dark. What I like about them is that they are hands-free and are a more convenient than a head lamp, which can get in the way of the many hats we wear. It’s also nice to have the light more toward your feet to avoid those dreaded potholes, chords, ditches, stumps, *ahem* trailer hitches, or other obstacles near your feet.


These lights were originally meant for runners, but when I saw the product on “Shark Tank” (one of my favorite TV shows on ABC), I instantly thought of how beneficial they would be on a farm and had to have a pair.

So far I have used them when checking sheep at night and loading cattle in the morning before sunrise. I’ve used them for doing everyday evening chores on these short cold days, and they are pretty awesome! They’ve even clipped onto the top of my muck boots and are adjustable to click up and down if you prefer to have them aimed more toward the ground or up higher. I did have one fall off my boot one morning, but I realized it was my own fault for not sliding the clip down far enough on my boot, an easy fix. But they do stay put! Remember, these were originally invented for runners, so you know they have to be sturdy in order to not fall off when someone is pounding the pavement running. They also have excellent battery life as compared to a standard flashlight.

In addition to being a farmer or active runner, I’m also looking forward to using these next week when I go deer hunting. Having a light aimed in front of your feet to avoid tripping over branches is a must for safety and being hands free in the woods. These could also be used for other outdoor activities like camping or any other career that involves having to see at night. And let’s not forget clumsy kids who are outside playing! A very important part of safety is good lighting.

Christmas is upon us, so if you think of someone who could use a pair, give the gift of safety! They make a great stocking stuffer and are a great conversation piece — a little bit different than your traditional lighting source. I absolutely love them. To order your own pair, you can enter the code “FARMBABE” and get 15 percent off at www.nightrunner270.com.

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