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Ag on Instagram: The best farm photos from Aug. 7


We bring you some of the best farm photos on Instagram for Aug. 7. Want to get listed in this daily feature? Be sure to hashtag your pics with #agdaily!

This time of year our pollinators are scrounging for any blooms they can find. All of our crops have finished blooming and pickings are slim, but fortunately for them we have a few red clover blooms in our grapes as well as a few small flower beds blooming just for them. In the future we plan to make sure we have even more food for them in these lean months. It may seem unnecessary to be so concerned about them now after they have finished working in our crops but we want healthy and sustainable populations of all of our pollinators for next years crop and all our future crops. Some of what we are doing must be working because I have seen more pollinators (both in numbers of individuals as well as numbers of different species) this year than I can ever remember seeing before.

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"Relief" ~ One of our soybean fields after a long-awaited, much-needed rain on June 29th. The relief was short-lived though, and this field along with all the others on our farm, are suffering from the intense heat and lack of rain. Drought is taking its toll on many farms across Canada this growing season. . The business of producing food has many rewards, but it isn't easy dealing with the weather-dependent aspect of farming. We can do absolutely everything to the best of our ability but ultimately Mother Nature holds the cards, determines the outcome – and our income. Every. Single. Year. I'm not sure it's a risk you ever get used to, so finding ways to cope is important. . In mid-July, @farminginpearls posted a picture of a canola field damaged by hail, stating, "Farmers are proud to share the good stories but suffer silently with the bad ones." So true. It is so much easier to share our successes than our hardships. . But the culture is slowly shifting, for the better. There is more openness, increased awareness and many resources available for dealing with the challenges of farming and our mental well-being. No need to suffer silently in times of stress. Strength is being redefined. It no longer means carrying the load on you own. . For full blog post and more information on mental health resources in Canada, no matter what your occupation, click on the links in the comments. . . . #aftertherain #relief #farmlife #farmstress #farm365 #farming #agriculture #westcndag #grow18 #drought #weather #weatherchallenges #agmorethanever #agchat #agdaily #domoreag #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #1in5 #calminthestorm

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Andrew’s office. #intheblood

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