100-year-old farmer still running the combine

· July 23, 2019

It is every farmer’s dream to be able to work on the farm as long as they can. However, can you imagine running the combine when you are 100 years old? K.B. Williams turns 101 in October and still cuts wheat with his family in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Driving a combine was his motivation to push through rehabilitation following a recent fall, says SUNUPTV

Williams was able to get back in the driver seat for his 79th wheat harvest. As long as he could get in there and sit, he was going to help. Williams says, “I was never scared of work. I just enjoyed farming really well.” 

Williams grew more than crops, he grew a legacy. With four generations on the farm, Williams has a lot to be proud of. We hope to one day leave a legacy as great as Williams. 

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