5-year-old cattle feeder dishes about life on the farm

· October 9, 2018

Ever wondered what life on the farm is like for a 5-year-old? Bennett, a little cattle feeder from Minnesota, tells us all about it. This cute hired hand is going to make a great farmer one day, just like his dad. He tells us about all the important aspects of a typical day for the life of a farmer.

He answers all the important questions: What is your favorite beef? (Spoiler: it’s brisket.) How does a typical day on the farm begin? He also explains which pens hold his favorite cows. He gives out great tips for a successful corn harvest.

“Combine it when it is full grown and then we put it in the grain cart to weigh it,” the youngin’ said.

His best advice comes from the heart, when asked about the responsibilities of a cattle farmer, Bennet said, “Take care of your cattle, be strong, and feed the world.”



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