The American dairy farmer — a dying breed

· March 8, 2019

Many people outside of agriculture may not understand the daily struggle that American dairy farmers are going through. Times have changed but prices have stayed the same for decades. If you’ve ever wondered why so many dairy farmers are having to close and find a new way of life after generations of being in business, today’s Growing America Story is for you.

The Sparkmans are like many small American dairy farmers, just trying to make ends meet. As a multi generational dairy farmer, Mr. Sparkman is just trying to earn an honest days living. Even with doing everything right, they can’t compete with the big dairy farmers when prices are below their break even point. 

“Dairies our size — anywhere — in the next five years, won’t be here. They can’t be here. Unless something changes with the milk prices and the way the government, the tariffs that they have on milk, unless something changes, and changes drastically, we won’t be here. The only way we will be here in five years is because God wants us to be.” 

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