First episode of ‘Filthy Farm Jobs’ highlights rice farmers

· January 28, 2022

What happens when you take the director of public relations out of the office and put him into the rice fields? A hilarious, yet informative video from the Arkansas Farm Bureau. 

Arkansas Farm Bureau shows that farm work is rarely clean, and what a better way to show that than a new season dedicated to the hard work farmers and ranchers do everyday. In the first episode of “Filthy Farm Jobs,” Arkansas Farm Bureau‘s director of public relations gets his hands dirty in the rice fields. He is tasked with helping remove rice gates from the field to allow for the water to drain off. 

“How filthy can farm work really be? We decided it was time for some Arkansas Farm Bureau office staff to get out in the field and find out for themselves. Today, we’re proud to launch our new video series, ‘Filthy Farm Jobs,’ featuring our first vict … uh, volunteer … Rob Anderson, director of public relations. Rob learns the ins and outs of pulling rice gates from a very patient Jim Young of Young Family Farm in Tuckerman.”

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