Ask a Farmer: Arkansas rancher answers your questions

· May 10, 2022

In a new video series to answer consumers’ questions about agriculture, Arkansas Farm Bureau is going straight to the experts — the producers. Arkansas Farm Bureau visited Jefferson County for Episode 5 of their Ask a Farmer Series to visit with Darnell Davis. Davis has been ranching for 15 years and agreed to show a bit of his operation and answer questions about raising cattle.

This video highlights important questions from consumers. For example, “Do all bulls have horns?” Davis answers simply and direct to the point. “No, some bulls are polled, meaning that they are bread to genetically not to grow horns.”

This series has been insightful for both consumers and producers. It allows consumers to ask their burning questions and get the correct answer from producers, verses the internet. Producers are able to explain their truth and reasoning behind the question.  

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