Basic building blocks like Legos help in understanding GMOs

· January 25, 2018

Know Ideas is well known for using science and data to help people understand some highly controversial topics (GMOs quickly comes to mind!).

So when Nick Saik saw the opportunity to use Legos to help explain the modern genetic engineering process in agriculture, he took it. After all, Legos are one of Nick’s favorite toys — he has a whole room in his house dedicated to them. This video is the result of Nick’s pathological interest in Legos, and his work in science communication. Legos, and the instruction booklets that come with every set, make an excellent analogy to explain how and why scientists engineer the genes of plants and other organisms. 

He admits that because of the complexity of genetic engineering, the analogy isn’t 100 percent perfect, but it will help you wrap your head around the concept of what’s going on in this field.

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