Bears flee cornfield from combine during harvest

Any farmers around here ever encountered something like this? While finishing up harvest near Hallock, Minnesota, Julie Lindegard says her husband was surprised to see a mama bear and her three cubs run from the field. (There's a surprise cameo at the end, too :) ) She says the bears ran into some nearby woods.

Posted by KULR8 News on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Bear-y surprising help with Minnesota corn harvest

· October 22, 2018

During harvest it is not surprising to run into some type of wildlife. It is common in our area to run deer out of a field that have been calling it home for the past few months. However, this video shows a different animal calling the corn field their home.

KULR8 reports that Julie Lindegard and her husband were surprised to see a mama bear and her three cubs run out of the field near Hallock, Minnesota. The video shows a few critters abandoning the field to make way to a nearby wooded area as the combine continues with harvest. What would you have done if you saw this?

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