‘Before the Plate’: A little taste of what’s to come

https://www.beforetheplate.com/ · July 12, 2017

What started as an Instagram page has now turned into a movement far beyond my wildest dreams. Now over 5,000 Instagram followers strong, “Before the Plate” is a feature-length documentary in the making with the hopes of bringing the urban consumer closer to their food.

Getting the message to the general public has been an obstacle the industry as we often find ourselves “preaching to the choir.” We challenged ourselves well before we even started filming to look at this problem from a new angle. We asked ourselves, “How can we reach the everyday consumer and talk to them about farming in a way that will be entertaining and informative?” Our solution started to become clear as we started to focus “Before the Plate” around food and cooking. To most of us reading this, that may seem fairly straightforward, however for the average urbanite, food and farming are two very different things. By taking something of interest in modern urban culture and tracing all the ingredients back to the very farms they came from, we can start to lead the consumer through the misunderstood world of modern farming.

“Before the Plate” puts an emphasis on the people who our food system relies on in order to share their stories and help calm some of the fears about modern agriculture.

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