Brad Paisley surprises a farm family during pandemic

· June 26, 2020

Daniel Hayden of Hayden Farms from Kentucky was featured in a recent episode of “Regular Heroes,” an Amazon Prime Video documentary series which highlights people who are going above and beyond for others during the coronavirus pandemic. While our country faces the COVID-19 pandemic, food and agriculture continues to be an essential and life-sustaining industry. This episode gives a peek into how hard farmers are working to ensure that Americans are able to find nutritious food on store shelves.

Hayden Farms, which started in 1983, has been raising chicken for Perdue for 23 years. In this video, Brad Paisley delivers N95 masks and a special gift commemorating the farm being passed down from one generation to the next. Even more special, Brad announces to Daniel and his wife that they will be covering their fertility treatments to help continue the family legacy. Although in tears, this video brings us hope for the future. 



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