Corn growers raise awareness for mental wellness

· May 17, 2022

The National Corn Growers Association’s Member and Consumer Engagement Action Team has put together this one-minute video asking everyone in agriculture to help raise awareness about the need for mental wellness in rural communities. Approximately one in four farmers struggle with mental health issues, and NCGA believes that allies in lending communities, retailer networks, grain elevator operators, and others can work together to help out those in need.

“Mental Health Awareness Month is an important opportunity to help us normalize this topic,” said Lowell Neitzel, chairman of MCEAT and Kansas farmer. “Many farmers tend to be stoic by nature. But it’s important for us to realize that we don’t face these challenges alone, and it helps to talk about them.”

The video is coming out during Mental Health Awareness Month.

According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the suicide rate in the agriculture industry is nearly ten points above the national average. “We urge all of our industry partners to help us lookout for signs,” the organization said. “Saying something could mean everything.”

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