Dairy cows help put an end to a Wisconsin car chase

· June 2, 2021

As a farmer and ranchers, you never know what the day might bring — including an early morning car chase. That is exactly what happened to Brandon and Kim Grewe of Valley Gem Farms in Wisconsin. When checking on his dairy cows, Grewe heard a police chase which ended on their property.  

The Barron County Sheriff’s Department said on Facebook, “The Sheriff’s Department assisted Barron PD tonight with a pursuit that went approximately 13 miles between Barron and Cumberland. It ended on a farm and we would be remiss if we didn’t thank the Barron County Bovine Unit for jumping into the fray when the vehicle came into their patrol area. That little Cavalier that could during the chase ran out of steam encountering this mooo-ving blockade. Job well done tonight crew.

The sheriff department reported that no humans — nor cattle — were injured and the driver is in lockup for the night. 

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