Posted by Country Partners Cooperative on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Which hilarious harvest stereotype are you?

· October 24, 2019

As harvest season is upon us, we are all excited to finally bring in the crop and watch this year come to an end. Every harvest brings something new and exciting, however there are some things, or some people, that are pretty predictable. This harvest stereotype video is pretty relateable for anyone who is involved with harvest. 

From the lost grain cart driver to the “back in my day” guy, we can think of someone on our farm that fits each one of these stereotypes. Although each stereotype reminds us that we are lucky. Lost grain cart driver? Maybe that is a neighbor or buddy volunteering to help after a full day of work. The “old man” has years of wisdom and experience to help guide us. Each of these stereotypes are needed for a successful harvest — well almost all of them. 

Which stereotype do you relate to the most?

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