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"It's just more than I can really imagine." HLN's Elizabeth Prann talks to West Texas cotton farmer Greg Bishop about the outpouring of help from his community when cancer treatments got in the way of harvesting his crop. KCBD NewsChannel 11:

Posted by HLN on Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dozens of volunteers help sick farmer harvest cotton crop

· December 14, 2018

We love hearing uplifting stories of neighbor helping neighbor. Many times farmers who are down on their luck or health are helped out by their loving neighbors. That is exactly what happened to Greg Bishop from West Texas. Greg was diagnosed with leukemia and needed to focus on treatments. 

When his neighbors found out, they stepped up to harvest the 450 acres of Greg’s cotton crop that was ready. The neighbors were able to get in the field, harvest the crop, and finish within hours. Many family, friends, and local businesses stepped up to help in any way they could including bringing equipment in and feeding the volunteers. 

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