Back on the tractor live! #plant19 #cervusequipment

Posted by Drew Gregory on Monday, May 20, 2019

Drew Gregory rocks out to live concerts from his tractor

· May 22, 2019

Every farmer has a personal concert in their tractor, perhaps multiple times a day. Just driving by farm fields you can see farmers shredding on their air guitar, banging on the drums, and killing a voice solo — God bless autosteer. Drew Gregory takes it one step further, he brings his actual guitar to the tractor to play for his Facebook audience! 

On Drew’s Instagram page says he is just a farm kid who likes to sing. Its a wonder how many other artist out there are undercover farmers, just waiting to be discovered. 

This spring has been heartbreaking for many farmers as they watch the rain come down with little signs of letting up. Drew’s first song, “Trying to Keep the Farm,” resonates well with farmers and ranchers this year. They are just working hard to continue to do what they love, wondering how they will manage to keep the farm.  


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