When an electric pole killed 3 cows, producer reached out for help

· January 13, 2021

Billy Lynch, a cattle producer, had his livestock grazing in a pasture with powerlines running through it, like so many producers do. However, Lynch was not a customer of that particular power company. So one night when a storm got particular rough, a rotted electric pole in that field fell and killed three of his cows, one of which was pregnant. The big question became who was at fault and who would pay? 

According to WCNC, “It was a stormy day, the date Oct. 29, what was left of Hurricane Zeta was rolling through the Carolinas. These kinds of storms can do all kinds of damage like downed trees, power poles, and very dangerous power lines.” 

Although the electric company initially tried to defer responsibility, they eventually paid Lynch after he went to his local media outlet for help. 

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