Epic Tiger King parody: ‘I Saw a Tractor’ music video

· April 28, 2020

The YouTube channel Rice Farming TV has really outdone themselves this time. If you have Netflix, or the internet, you have seen the recent fascination with the show, “Tiger King.” It is an exploration of big cat breeding and its bizarre underworld, populated by eccentric characters. One of the main characters, Joe Exotic, is also a songwriter. While his songs were not popular during their release, the documentary has now brought them to life. Rice Farming TV just released a parody of his song, “I Saw a Tiger.” 

Matthew from Rice Farming Tv nailed his impersonation of Joe Exotic — everything from the outfits to the terrible mullet. Joe would be pleased. At the end of the video, an old home video reveals that Matthew has been king of the rice from the beginning — Rice King! 

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