Famous drag racer Matt Hagan opens sizable hemp farm in Virginia

· June 3, 2019

Farming is nothing new for Mopar Funny Car racer Matt Hagan. He has a more than 2,000-acre beef cattle farm in Montgomery County, Virginia, which he’s long used as a break from the adrenaline-fueled grind of racing.

This year, however, his TruHarvest Farms will have something new on a big scale: hemp. According to local Fox affiliate WFXR, Hagan and his staff have spent three months working their way through planting 140,000 plants on 90 of his acres.

Thanks to the newest Farm Bill, growing hemp outside of research is legal. Hagan said he plans on selling the plant to be used to create CBD oil and strives to break the stigma behind hemp. It does contain THC, but a significantly less amount than marijuana. 

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