Farm Babe rides along with Kinze’s True Speed 4905 planter

· July 24, 2020

Michelle Miller, better known on social media as Farm Babe, got to spend a day in July on the demo grounds adjacent to Kinze’s headquarters in Williamsburg, Iowa. There, she learned about the key features of Kinze‘s next-generation 4905 planter, which incorporates True Speed technology to deliver dependability of the electric meter and seed tube all the way to the trench — from 3 to 12 mph. This 4905 is part of Kinze’s “05 series” planters, which offer a number of enhancements that will increase the wear life of many components, simplify maintenance, improve performance, and reduce the overall cost of planter ownership.

The technology and design of this implement was impressive, and the difference in speed — “It feels like you’re flying,” Miller said.

Whether you’re taking it slow or you’re hitting the higher speeds and experiencing bounce and other less-than-ideal conditions, True Speed technology won’t vary seed spacing or sacrifice other levels of performance. The newest Kinze technology incorporates the company’s Blue Vantage display, which uses a 12-inch monitor attached above the steering wheel to get farmers from zero-to-go in just three clicks.

We had a chance to see the 4905 for ourselves at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show, and you can read what we wrote here. It will be available for purchase for the spring of 2021.

Watch Farm Babe’s full experience, including her chat with Kinze President Susanne Veatch in this video co-produced with AGDAILY.

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