Mysterious safe found in farmer’s field will remain a mystery

· August 28, 2020

One farmer found quite the surprise in his field one day. Someone dropped off a mysterious safe on one of Kirk Mathes field with a simple note: whomever opened the safe could keep what was inside. However, Mathes believes the contents should remain a mystery to give people a chance to set their problems aside and allow for a distraction. 

According to 13WHAM ABC News, “Kirk Mathes says a large safe was discovered in one of the fields on his Barre, Orleans County, New York farm while he was out of town. On it was a note saying whomever could open it could keep what’s inside. The safe weighs between 500-600 lbs. and had to be transported by heavy equipment. Mathes is not sure who put it in his field, but it’s still unopened and he wants it to stay that way.”

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