Farmers find new use for drone: Herding livestock

· March 20, 2019

As the world continues to evolve, so does the agriculture community. In many ways, the agriculture industry is one of the fastest growing industries with advancements in technologies. However one of the most surprising advancements just maybe a drone that is herding livestock. 

Although drone technology is nothing new to the agriculture industry, using a barking drone to herd livestock is … inventive. In addition to using sheep dogs, a farmer from New Zealand utilizes this new technology to help out on his farm. His drone can replicate a noise, for example a barking dog, and blast it over the drone’s speaker. 

The drone does more than just herd his livestock. He also uses it to manage all of his paddocks. These farmers find technology an aid in the day to day activities and see it as a way to keep up with the evolving industry. 

We are interested to see if this addition to technology will become a new trend in agriculture across the world. 

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