Farmers Edge: Even a ‘Tom Brady grower’ needs game tape

· March 7, 2017

Last week at Commodity Classic, we had the opportunity to preview some of the latest technology from Farmers Edge. The global leader in decision agriculture launched the next generation of its award-winning farm management platform, FarmCommand.

“I think a lot of people have used the word precision ag in the past and they have been disappointed by what’s not been delivered. There have been a lot of expectations” said Mike DiPaola, Vice President of Global Sales, Farmers Edge. “As we look at it, it is one thing to have precision, but first you have to be accurate. We are actually field centric. We are arm in arm with the grower and their selected advisors and agronomists and we work to get the right data so you can make the right decisions.”

Based on two years of feedback from its global network of growers, the new fully-integrated platform provides growers with easy access to crop, weather, equipment, soil, and other agronomic data all in one place.

“We bring all that together in one very simple platform so you can make better decisions and ultimately not only get more yield, but understand where your profit comes from with profit maps where your applied maps can show you how you are doing your business,” DiPaola said. “Even if you are the ‘Tom Brady of growers,’ he’s gotta go back and look at game tape. He’s gotta understand his competition like the weather, or his neighbors, his growers, what did he do, what did he not do. Farmers Edge gives that power to the grower and enables them to not only understand their story, but to articulate their story further into the value chain.”

The company also introduced Corn Manager, the first corn management system that combines effective nitrogen management, high-frequency satellite imagery, and accurate crop staging into one easy-to-use too.

“A lot of people don’t have trust in the data models or the crop models today. The models aren’t wrong. We just weren’t collecting the right data and weren’t making it usable. We are working very hard with growers to collect the right data at the right time and the models do work,” DiPaola said. “You talk about tough economic times. What does that mean? You have to grow more from less and we can actually help you make those decisions.”




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