Farmers & ranchers rise above floodwaters this spring

· May 15, 2019

Everyone can agree this spring has been one for the record books. When the heavy rains and flooding occurred early this spring, farmers knew they would have to prepare for an abnormal year. With the continuation of an unusual wet, cold spring many farmers are left wondering when what the rest of the year has in store of them. As they continue to tread to keep their head above floodwaters, they are also reminded what really matters. 

Why I Farm says, “Farmers along the Missouri River and its tributaries faced devastating flood waters in the spring of 2019. With millions of dollars of losses and the future of family farms in the balance, farmers had to rely on their faith and strong-will to keep pushing forward. This is the story of one of those families — the Casners from Carrollton, MO.”

“When times get tough, the tough get going.”

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