Food futures with Robert Saik & Dr. David Zaruk — Part 1

· February 18, 2019

Every February, the Canadian Ag industry dusts itself off, puts on its Sunday best, and engages with the public for Canada’s Agriculture Day. In a time when consumers have little connection to how their food is grown, a day that recognizes the effort required is important. In 2019, Canada’s food system will face many of the same challenges it always has, but as we move beyond 2019, the predictability of what influences our food system gets hazy. That’s when experts are required, to step in and clear the fog.

“The question isn’t can we feed 9 billion people, the question is will we be allowed to feed 9 billion people. Today, I believe biggest threat to global food security is the Anti-Science movement.” – Rob Saik

This year, Alberta-based Ag entrepreneur Rob Saik and Brussels-based Dr. David Zaruk (Risk-Monger) teamed up to present a unique talk in Red Deer Alberta. Rob and David created a brilliant two-part presentation, where each imagines a different reality for the next 30 years of agriculture. Rob, as always remains optimistic. David, as always, isn’t so sure. The result is a dynamic and thought provoking lecture that will leave you considering the complexities of our food system, and respecting the professionals that manage that complexity on our behalf.

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