Four Generations Farming Together - That's What It's All About

Four generations all farming together. From Grandson to Great Grandad. That's what it's all about. Join us again for another great story of the American Farmer.

Posted by Growing America on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Fourth-generation farm knows a thing or two about family

· October 10, 2018

Dennis Tencleve, second-generation farmer, loves seeing the grand kids on the farm.”That’s the biggest pleasure of farming. Seeing the kids grow up and knowing what it is all about.” The Tencleve family, featured by Growing America, is a family farming operation with four generations on the farm. 

Dennis said,”Hopefully when they get out of high school we have taught them enough of the work ethic that when they get out in the real world, it will be no problem. That is what makes it really worth while.”

Dennis’ dad, who is 85, started farming with his uncle when he was 13. He would help with harvest every year. Once he graduated eighth grade, his dad stayed and built the farming operation from there. 

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