Fourth generation farmers have a passion for produce

· October 7, 2021

Nashville-based musician and fourth-generation farmer Stephanie Nash has traveled across the U.S. — from the ranches of Montana to her dairy farm in Tennessee — to tell the story of the American farmer. On this episode of “Time Changes: The Life of a Farmer,” Nash talks with Dennis, Blake, and Brady Mouzin. This farm family talks about their passion for growing produce and how their family has made an impact for agriculture around the world.

These brothers from Indiana have continued family business. In 1935, the family started farming just 35 acres. However, throughout the years they have grown exponentially and now farm over 10,000 acres in multiple states.

Like Nash, Blake & Brady Mouzin are fourth generation farmers who have had grown up with a passion for agriculture. Blake Mouzin said, “It is really rewarding to go out and look at the fields everyday and see the progress of the plants as they grow from little seedlings all the way up to actual fruits of produce.” 

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