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We confess, this video is a little corny (🌽), but people start waiting in line at 4:30am to get their hands on this stuff! Would you? More Worth the Wait:

Posted by Localish on Monday, June 24, 2019

Fresno State’s sweet corn is the cream of the crop

· June 27, 2019

For many rural folks, sweet corn can be found in their back yard or on the side in a seasonal road stand. However, the folks near Fresno State University line up at the Fresno State Jordan College of Agricultural Science and Technology for sweet corn grown by the college students. With a total of 110 acres, 90 of those acres are dedicated to sweet corn. The 90 acres are split evenly between white sweet corn and yellow sweet corn. 

With a reputation of the best sweet corn in the area, folks begin lining up as early as 4:30 in the morning to assure they get the cream of the crop. 

Student Assistant for the Vegetable Crops Unit at Fresno State Austin La Salle says, “There is not a silver bullet or a secret weapon that we have that makes the sweet corn taste so good. The ultimate thing that sets us apart is there is not a day that the corn does not have access to water or the nutrients that it needs.” 

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