Glow stick cutting with Casey Crouch Cutting Horses

· May 26, 2020

You know what I am going to remembers about COVID-19? The creativity of the human population during this time. While most of us are practicing some form of shelter at home or social distancing, it is also important to continue to do what we love. The folks at Casey Crouch Cutting Horses decided to continue their passion for ridding while having a little fun with glow stick cutting. 

On Facebook, Casey Crouch Cutting Horses said, “I have to say when the girls (Heather and Chelsa) came up with this I was not sure how it would work. After several hours and attempts and with Willie (the horse) tolerating us …. I think it turned out better then anyone could imagine. The little kids wanted the glow stick party and the adults kind of took it over.” A later post continued, “This is what happens when you keep cutters home for a 6 weeks!!!”

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