The Has Bin: From grain bin to bed and breakfast

· November 21, 2016

HGTV may want to start a show just dedicated to grain bin homes. From North Carolina to Iowa, and even down to Haiti, grain bins are becoming the latest craze in home architecture. For one Illinois family, a grain bin refurbish has turned into a side business.

A simple B&B, The Has Bin, is located on a working farm in Northeastern Vermilion County, Illinois, where the family grows corn, soybeans, and wheat, and raises cattle.

Built in the 1950s, the actual bin structure was used as a working storage bin for grain until the 1970s when it was moved six miles south to a neighbor’s farm for their use. When the bin was no longer needed there, the family moved it back in one piece to its original location.

The 18-foot diameter bin accommodates two people and includes a sleeping loft, clawfoot tub/shower, satellite TV, a comfortable front porch, and an upper deck for viewing spectacular sunsets.

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