Grubbly Farms redefines chicken feed — a pound of grubs at a time

· September 10, 2018

“In the year 2030 everyone is [going to be] eating insects …” said Patrick Pittaluga. At least that’s what colleague Sean Warner read a few years ago on a clickbait article. Warner was inspired by this statistic and decided to jump into the market, which led to Grubbly Farms.

Warner and Pittaluga partnered up, as Georgia Tech students and cousins, and bought 700 black soldier fly grubs and ultimately found themselves catering to the tastes of chickens. They did this through the school’s CREATE-X Startup Launch program.

Grubbly Farms sells nutritious snacks for chickens called Grubblies. The black soldier flies become Grubblies through a simple process: they are fed pre-consumer food waste from bakeries, breweries, and restaurants in the area. The grubs are then dehydrated and packaged as chicken feed. Grubblies is the only chicken snack completely farm-grown in the USA.

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