HSUS grades out to a ‘D’ — there are better ways to spend Giving Tuesday money

· November 27, 2018

The Humane Society of the U.S. — not to be confused in any way with your more valuable local Humane Societies — is widely despised by the agricultural industry. From their inflated marketing and administrative costs and their efforts to siphon money away from local shelters to their aggression toward livestock farmers and the fact that the nation’s premier charity watchdog, CharityWatch, gave HSUS a “D” rating, it’s no surprise that farmers and ranchers think very little of this “charity.”

To help raise awareness for the public to steer clear of donating to HSUS on Giving Tuesday, the Center for Consumer Freedom has put out this video. We love that people want to give money on this day, but there are so many better organizations out there to connect with (not least of which are the farmers and ranchers in Georgia and California who are in need right now).

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