Idaho man survives after impaled by 40-pound hay bale tine

· July 11, 2018

An Idaho man is sharing his amazing story of survival after being impaled by a 40-pound hay bale tine. Putting up fence at Southern Idaho Commodities last month took a bad turn for Justin Firth when a hay bale spear fell and pierced through his back and out his stomach.

“I felt something hit me and I went to the ground,” Firth told East Idaho News. “I looked up and I was looking around to find out what had happened, and I saw that belt tine sticking through me and into the ground.”

His co-workers had to use heat to remove the tine from the machine before Firth could be taken to the hospital. It then took doctors several hours to remove the spear and said if the tine had been a few millimeters to the left or right he wouldn’t have made it.

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