Iowa farmer’s massive tractor, car auction gets global attention

· June 26, 2017

All eyes are on Yarmouth, Iowa this week as this farmer’s massive collection of tractors and cars are up for auction. Sullivan Auctioneers is expecting as many as 10,000 folks (and maybe even Jay Leno) from places as far away as Sweden, Germany, Britain, and Australia to descend upon this tiny town of 78 to see Bob Gabeline’s amazing stockpile that includes more than 300 cars and 200 tractors.

The 78-year-old was the patriarch of the family farm, trucking and grain elevator business in southeast Iowa before he died in September. While the family inherited the business, they say they didn’t inherit the collecting-gene and decided to auction off their father’s prized possessions.

This video posted by Sullivan Auctioneers has already had more than 500,000 views on their page.

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