Livin’ The Land video series gets up close with bull rider Chase Outlaw

· July 27, 2021

Chase Outlaw’s bull-riding injury is the stuff of legend: He was hit in the face by bull just a couple of years ago, ultimately breaking almost every bone in his face. But Outlaw (yes, that’s his real last name) very quickly battled his way back into the Professional Bull Riding arena and at the same time has put a lot of his energy into inspiring his children and the next generation of riders to live from the land and be self-sufficient.

Outlaw, who lives in Arkansas, is a community leader, farmer, family man, and Can-Am ambassador. This Can-Am video, which is part of the company’s Livin’ The Land series, offers a behind-the-scenes look at Chase’s life away from the arena and a change to see what it takes to overcome seemingly career-ending injuries to get back out and ride.

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