Meet this giant horse standing 8 feet tall

· July 23, 2021

For anyone who has been around horses before, you can connect to that feeling of realizing the beauty of the giant in front of you. However, have you ever been in front of an 8-foot-tall draft horse? This gentle giant has recently became famous after this video went viral on Facebook. The horse — called Phantom — is a 7-year-old Shire over at Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue.

Phantom towers over his trainers and other horses, standing at 20.1 hands tall. Not only is Phantom tall, but he is sturdy as well since he weighs over 2,000 pounds. His trainer, Courtney Garner, says Phantom has a goofy personality and loves the attention. Just trying to get up to ride Phantom is a chore in itself! The rescue facility says that all the trainers and volunteers love Phantom so much that he will stay on site forever.

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